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Monday, July 12, 2004
  Bumper Sticker of the Year

Seen Elseweb:

"2004: The End of an Error" 

  Senator Orrin Hatch, Simpleton

From this article on the senate debate on gay marriage:

Hatch then accused Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) of holding inconsistent positions on marriage.

"This is the grand flip-flop, one of the grandest of all times," he said. "A person's head starts to spin trying to undo the logical mess."

I'll try to speak slow for you, Senator:

He believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, but doesn't think we should change the constitution to ban gay marriage.

Ain't that hard Orrin. I'd like to think a US senator could handle something as straightforward as this.


Thursday, July 08, 2004
  Left Behind! The Musical

I was playing a game on Readerville.com where we were asked to adapt a book into a musical -- and one that you'd normally not expect. The game was inspired by the announcement of "Spamalot," the musical adaptation of Monty Python's The Holy Grail. Anyway, here's my entry, with suggested song titles:

Left Behind! The Musical


"Theme from Left Behind"* ("This Jesus-thing eluded me, but I did not really mind....Now my wife and kid have vanished and I'm leeeeeffft. Beeeeee. Hiiiiiiiind!")

"Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Oh My!"

"River City Anti-Christ" ("Oh, we got trouble. With a capital 'T,' that rhymes with 'B,' and that stands for Beelzebub.")

"New York, New York -- A helluva deserted wasteland"

"Hello Dolly, Good-bye Miss Secular Humanist!"

(* The obligatory breakaway pop hit)  

Friday, July 02, 2004
  Happy Birthday to Me!

It was one year ago yesterday that I made my very first blog entry. Surprisingly, I am not yet rich and famous beyond all reckoning. 

Thursday, July 01, 2004
  Spider-Man for VP

The burning question, to me at least, is how will the web-slinger be voting the November? Will he stay home? Will he help "get out the vote?" Will he write in "Bruce Wayne" as a prank?

I want to take a look at Spidey's politics. A google search ("Spider-Man's politics") doesn't yield much. I think he is a liberal democrat in the Chuck Schumer mold. Here's what we know:

<> He lives in New York
<> He works in two 'liberal' fields (SCLM and photography)
<> He doesn't have much money
<> The press treats him unfairly (hello, Jonah!)
<> He doesn't like guns, prefering non-lethal solutions (like webs...and sometimes a nice punch to the jaw
<> He is friendly with homosexuals (like Daredevil...haha!)
<> He is smart
<> He puts himself though agonizing moral dilemmas -- no "moral clarity" for Parker!
<> He is friend to the common man/underdog

However on the flip side:

<> Reagan apparently was a fan of his
<> His uniform kinda looks like a flag

I'm still convinvced he's voting for Kerry. 

  Katholics for Kerry

Slate can be so uneven at times it's maddening. Today, there is an article on Kerry's religion which seems to imply that he's not projecting enough fake religiosity. It also claims that while Kennedy had a problem with Protestants, Kerry has a problem with Catholics. This is not true. Where do Catholics live? Here are the top 10 states (Catholics as a percentage of population):

Rhode Island
New Jersey
New York
New Mexico

The top 5 are solidly locked up for Kerry so far, as is Illinois. Only Pennsylvania is considered a true battleground state, and all indication show Kerry doing well there. So where is this alleged problem?

Sorry, Waldman -- this dog won't hunt. 

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