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Thursday, May 13, 2004
  The Case for Bush's Brain

In the interest of fairness, I thought I'd let some of the president's staunchest supporters defend his intellect:

Richard Perle, foreign policy adviser: "The first time I met Bush 43 … two things became clear. One, he didn't know very much. The other was that he had the confidence to ask questions that revealed he didn't know very much."

David Frum, former speechwriter: "Bush had a poor memory for facts and figures. … Fire a question at him about the specifics of his administration's policies, and he often appeared uncertain. Nobody would ever enroll him in a quiz show."

Laura Bush, spouse: "George is not an overly introspective person. He has good instincts, and he goes with them. He doesn't need to evaluate and reevaluate a decision. He doesn't try to overthink. He likes action."

(quotes courtesy of Slate

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
  Magic Bus

George don't ride the bus. I guess 60 miles is just way to far for even a symbolic gesture:

"The bus tour, about 60 miles through western Ohio, actually includes two airplane flights — one from Detroit to Toledo and another from Toledo to Dayton."

With apologies to The Who:

Every day I have some fun (Too much, Magic Bus)
When I take a ride on Air Force One (Too much, Magic Bus)
I'm so smug, I just sit and smirk (Too much, Magic Bus)
Don't care if it makes me look like a jerk (Too much, Magic Bus)

Thank you, pilot, for getting me here (Too much, Magic Bus)
That stupid bus, I'll never go near (Too much, Magic Bus)
I need to earn the people's trust (Too much, Magic Bus)
But I'll be damned if I will ride a bus. (Too much, Magic Bus) 

Saturday, May 01, 2004
  NewsCentral = Shitty Program

I actually got to see both Nightline and the Sinclair broadcast tonight. I get two ABC stations -- one from Hartford, CT and one from Springfield, MA.

The Sinclair show did try to be balanced (equal number of on the street interviews with people who disagreed with them and shouting match between two congress on opposite sides). But in the end, it was, of course, slanted; ending on some well-practiced words by Bush. But the thing I took away most, seeing the broadcasts side by side, is that Sinclair Broadcasting Group and "NewsCentral" are pretty SHITTY operations. I mean, it was like a high school operation. What an embarrassment! 

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