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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
  Kerry's Big Win

Although there's 98% of delegates left to be won, it's hard to formulate a scenario where anyone else can win. Clark (my guy) has no "joe-mentum" at all anymore and has shown to be not all that good at answering questions on TV (I think he's great in the informal town hall settings, though). Dean's got the crazy guy rap now, and the media ain't going to let it go. Unfair, but such is life. Does Edwards have the organization to win more than a handful of southern states? Will he even win SC? I'd love to see him as the VP candidate.

But enough about the horse race. One thing that's annoyed me is that the contest is crowding out a slew of bad news for the bushies. First there's Kay's report on the weapons of mass disappearance.

Also, the bad times keep on rolling in Baghdad.

And the continued stonewalling of the 9-11 investigation.

And let's not forget those stolen congressional memos.

For once, I want to hear less about the dems and more about the Republicans. 

Monday, January 26, 2004
  Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

Yesterday's headlines: "Kerry Pulling Away"

Today's headlines: "Dean Nearly Pulls Even"

I give up. 

Sunday, January 25, 2004
  Just Desertions

Lieberman is on Wolf Blitzer right now and they're still going on about the Mike Moore statement. Lieber-ican says it was it morally wrong to say that and "wrong on the facts." Huh? What don't I know? Is there some strict definition of 'deserter' that I'm unaware of. What is the defense from Bush apologists on this issue? Someone help me out. 

Saturday, January 24, 2004
  New Hampshire Mayhem

Just a couple days out and it's anyone's race. Kerry and Dean are back to neck-and-neck and Clark's picked up a couple points too. I guess the Michael Moore didn't hurt him that much. Here's my prediction:

Kerry 28%
Dean 25%
Clark 21%
Edwards 18%
Lieberman 8%

That reminds me, Edwards was fantastic on Bill Maher last night. I hope takes the VP nom, because he'll make a good president in 8 years. Dude's got charisma, and his policies are in the right place. (Note to Edwards staff: someone brief on what DOMA is quick -- he totally blew it in the debate). 

Wednesday, January 21, 2004
  Rupert Murdoch: Right Wing Shill or Enemy of the Sanctity of Marriage (or both!)?

So, who's side is Rupert on in this culture war anyway. Yes, I know he's bucks behind Faux News, but is there a bigger threat to the sanctity of marriage than this guy? Look at his recent assualts:

My Big Fat Fiance - This marriage is all a big practical joke on my family to win some quick $$$
Temptation Island - Contestants in this attempted on-screen orgy included some married folks -- oops!
Joe Millionaire - Marry me, I've got lots of money! But wait, no, I don't. But wait again, yes, I do!
Joe Personality - Hosted by homewrecker Monica Lewinsky
Paradise Hotel - People living in sin!
Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire - Potential marriages ended by any one with 50 cents and a phone. And no one actually got married!

and coming soon -- Divorce Stories and Love Again. Two reality shows featuring divorced people. "Honey, sign these divorce papers quick. I've got an audition at Fox tomorrow"

Can we have a constitutional amendment barring Rupert Murdoch? 

  SOTU-Related Program Activity

I only watched bits and pieces of the SOTU last night; I could only handle it in 5 minute increments. Is there anything lamer than this phrase: “weapons of mass destruction-related program activity?” I think that may have been just the right moment for Democrats to abandon decorum and just laugh out loud.

The marriage stuff was pretty scary too. It looks like he's going to make a push for the federal amendment if he wins agains. Reason #873658 to get rid of him November. And what an evil bastard that Dick Cheney is. He stands and applauds as Bush accuses his daughter of eroding the sanctity of marriage. What an asshole. Big time.

On to NH

Hmmm. It's looking like my man Wesley is going to come in third thanks to the resurgent (what the hell happened there anyway?). That's not to say that I'm upset about Kerry's surge -- he's my second choice for prez and he's burst the "Dean Inevitability" bubble.

Geez, I guess, like most of us, I have no idea who's going to win this thing.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

As you've no doubt noticed this blog has been moribund of late. It began with the fact that my family came to stay over the holidays and then I was wracked with the worst flu I've ever had. I'm just starting to get some energy back, but it's slow going. However, I hope to get back on track pretty soon. In the meantime, get a flu shot and take care! 

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